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The Casting Mould Of The Heat Resistant Steel Charging Tray

Nov 06, 2017

【Summary】The casting mould of the heat resistant steel charging tray includes the preparation of the molding material, modeling and core making. The various raw materials used for modeling and core making more commonly are casting sand, molding sand binder and other auxiliary materials when the heat resistant steel charging tray is in casting.

The molding sand, core sand and coating material will be collectively referred to as molding materials. The molding materials will be prepared according to the requirements of the casting, the nature of the metal,selecting relatively suitable raw sand, binder and accessories.

The commonly used sand blender includes sand roller mill, adverse current sand mill and continuous muller. The latter, in fact, is specially designed for the mixed chemical self-hardening sand. Continuous mixing, then the sand mixing speed will be faster.

Modeling and core making will be carried out based on the determination of good modeling method and preparation of molding materials according to the casting process requirements of the heat resistant steel charging tray. The precision of the heat resistant steel charging tray and the

economic effect of all production process mainly depend on this process.

Now, the modeling or core making of more modern  heat resistant steel charging tray workshops has realized the mechanization and automation. Commonly used sand molding core making equipment has high, medium, low pressure molding machine, air impact molding machine, flaskless shoot and squeeze molding machine, cold-box core making machine, heated-box core making machine and so on.