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The Performance Advantage Of Wear-resistant Castings Equipment Is High

Oct 11, 2017

In order to highlight the application strength of Wear-resistant Castings equipment, it is necessary to increase the running ability of the product to the advantages of the whole product, with reliable quality performance and the overall effect of the product, which reflects the overall advantage of the product, Precision to increase the deep processing of cast products, so that the overall quality of its full performance in the application to continue to promote the advantages of application capacity to speed up the overall strength of the product to enhance the reliability of the application to continue to expand the use of the effect of perfection.
In the process of improving the production capacity of enterprises to enhance the process, to combine Wear-resistant Castings equipment, good running capacity, increase its quality strength of the play, the overall use of the product continue to drive the advantages of promoting all aspects of good practical Effect, with reliable products and performance play, fully accelerate the embodiment of its practical ability, and further enhance the strength of its products to drive a reliable, increase the overall strength of the strength of the play. But also to reflect the Wear-resistant Castings equipment advantages, so that the overall development of the advantages of the process, the continuous use of the product performance, reflecting the improvement of its internal and practical effects, combined with all aspects of the actual productivity, Aspects of the advantages of upgrading performance to speed up the overall performance of its products reflect the performance.
For the application of Wear-resistant Castings equipment, from the practical ability of enterprise development, highlighting the overall advantages of the equipment to enhance the effect of continuous improvement in the value of its overall performance, to speed up product performance and strength of the performance, fully embodies Product performance advantage level, the use of its own performance to speed up the advantages of product advantages to enhance the overall performance of the equipment to play to achieve the use of products and quality level, and expand its overall use of the overall strength of the development.
Wear-resistant Castings equipment development strength, with reliable performance reflects the development of productive forces, in the continuous improvement of its product performance advantages of the driving process, fully reflects the inherent application of the upgrade, from all aspects of the use of the strength to enhance the process , To achieve the overall strength of the equipment to promote the performance from the product to the actual level of the overall play to speed up the rise in product quality, fully reflects the product application and quality of the advantages of the advantages of the effect.
Through the application of Wear-resistant Castings equipment, the practical ability of the product to speed up the overall level of driving, in order to more reliable performance level reflected in the product quality, but also combined with the strength of all aspects of the advance, and constantly improve its advantages of performance, The use of the overall advantages of the embodiment, so as to improve the level of practical value of products to enhance.
In the process of Wear-resistant Castings, both the small parts and the large machine structure, we have to do the shape of the mold must be modified after the repair, there are many ways to repair, and today we come Say four kinds of repair method,
1, parts in the mold after the local soft and false place can be used to trowel and then use the tools and then Chung Chung.
2, two bios where there is a damaged part of the trowel can be attached to the sand and then sand into the gap and then leveling.
3, with a large piece of sand out of the sand can be re-brush mud on the water to repair,
4, the area is relatively large but not deep groove should be dug some of the first to make up.
Experts said that to fundamentally improve the level of casting technology must do the following four points: First, the development of simulation technology to improve the accuracy of the forecast to strengthen the process control and improve the yield. Regularity of the problem is not very good grasp, thus affecting the production rate in mass production. Second, the combination of production and research. In addition to the enhancement of innovation consciousness and the improvement of R & D capability, the independent innovation of enterprises should pay attention to and strengthen the combination of "production, learning and research" with Wear-resistant Castings enterprises as the main body. Third, attention to material research and development. Material is the basis of industry, there is still a lot of work to do. In the field of aerospace, alloy materials, especially high temperature alloys and other new materials research, smelting technology has yet to be improved, and the gap is still large. Fourth, pay attention to the upgrading of equipment technology. Process is mainly the problem of equipment, a lot of key equipment, such as some directional solidification equipment is mainly dependent on imports, so Wear-resistant Castings equipment research and development is still the focus.