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The Quality Details Of The Wear-resistant Castingss You Neglected

Jul 07, 2017

The quality details of the Wear-resistant Castingss you neglected

Perfect technology, qualified chemical composition, high compactness of sand mold, if there is no proper pouring temperature and blowing argon purification of molten steel operation, feeding and chemical composition of process effects are uneven, exterior finish Wear-resistant Castings quality side.

Kaitai casting design a set of mature pouring process, in strict accordance with national standards for control the quality of casting of molten steel temperature at the scene, the bottom blowing argon purifying molten steel, the whole tracking monitoring, to ensure that the composition of molten steel.

The process is as follows:

1. Clean up the inner wall of the ladle before using, and check the air permeability of argon brick.

2, water port installation check safety, bake to remove moisture and prevent stomata;

3. The pouring temperature is controlled by the material, the argon is cooled and the steel water uniformity is purified.

4. Three-part molding, seven-point pouring, low temperature quick water, control point water number, prevent shrinkage;

5. Pouring iron particles in the field to recycle and save cost.

Kaitai, casting, each furnace should pass the work strict checks, fully show our sense of responsibility and JingYeXin casting class, although the process is simple, but the actual operation must be vigilant, casting a good product must have not only the high quality raw materials, advanced production technology, Wear-resistant Castings excellent production equipment, and production software is essential - employees. The employee is indispensable in the enterprise, is the enterprise survival and the development key, has the strong sense of responsibility, is responsible for the matter; Be passionate about your work, love your job, and treat your work with a positive attitude.

Wear-resistant Castings maintenance: cutting off the power and maintenance in the engine. (1) check whether the blade is broken, whether it is deformed or lacking, if it is to be replaced. (2) check whether the oil seal on both sides of the knife shaft is damaged and the bearing wear is serious. If necessary, oil seal and bearing should be replaced. (3) maintenance of Wear-resistant Castingsss, maintenance, season maintenance and annual maintenance. The class is normally 10h, mainly to remove weeds, check add oil, check parts and other work. Quarterly maintenance in addition to the maintenance of class, but also change the gear oil, check whether bearing tools need to be replaced, to check whether there is excessive wear of transmission gear and gear box, if the need to replace a new one. Finally, apply butter or waste oil on the blade to prevent rust. In addition to the quarterly maintenance, the locomotive should be kept in a higher place for the next year.

Common fault diagnosis and exclusion 1 overload, fault reason: the soil is too deep, the soil is heavy hard. Solution: reduce the depth of ploughing and reduce the operating speed. The reason for the failure of the 20 - byte burn: ten - byte - ten - byte inclination or ten - byte oil. The piston rod cap and lubricating oil can be adjusted by adjusting hydraulic cylinder piston rod. 3 gearbox has the cause of noise fault: the foreign body falls into the gearbox, the bearing is worn badly, the gear tooth is missing, the gearbox bearing is broken or the ball drops, but it can be solved by replacing the new one. 4 knife shaft fixed the cause of the problem: winding weeds, gear or bearing killed, left arm side panel or drive casing deformation, knife shaft bending deformation, bearing damage, drive chain broken, etc., Wear-resistant Castings can be replaced by repair, calibration, spare parts, such as clearing winding grass mud measures to solve. 5 Wear-resistant Castings gear box oil spill the cause of the problem: the oil seal is damaged, gear box, paper pad, crack of gear box, may through the replacement of new parts, repair gear box to solve the discontinuous throw in 6 Wear-resistant Castings operation in clod the cause of the problem: the blade fracture or missing, severe bending deformation. Solution: repair or replace the new blade.