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The Reasons For The Increase In The Production And Operation Of Castings Enterprises

Aug 31, 2017

The reasons for the increase in the production and operation of Castings enterprises
Now look at the country forging enterprises, although most companies are very depressed, but still a small number of enterprises are still full load production, but also profitable, why these companies can withstand the impact of economic crisis? In the final analysis, these companies usually practice the basic skills, product quality and cost of the product is competitive, firmly caught the user.
To withstand the winter, precision Castings enterprises must be healthy and healthy. My company according to the previous practice, that is, when the cold market so that the internal business up, the use of time to practice internal strength, mainly to take the following eight measures:
(1) to carry out Castings process optimization, improve the production rate.
(2) the use of power supply peak and valley, poles of time price, the organization of production, pay attention to avoid the peak on the valley, the high energy consumption of the process, such as electric furnace smelting, furnace annealing, etc. arranged in the valley of energy to save energy expense.
(3) the implementation of energy-saving, reduce energy consumption and reduce product costs.
(4) the company part of the marketing should be strictly in accordance with the order of production, to avoid the accumulation of finished products occupied by corporate funds, or the formation of inventory caused by extravagance. For the production plan layout, to implement the "centralized production focus stop" principle, in the case of production load dissatisfaction with the high efficiency, reduce energy and fuel extravagance. Some foreign Castings enterprises to implement 10 × 4 work system, that is, two classes every day, each class work 10h, 4 days a week work. This compact production organization is worthy of our domestic forging business management staff in the current dissatisfaction with the state of production under the warning.
(5) the accumulation of inventory of finished products to the idea of ideas to promote, to avoid the formation of inventory; stock to be discounted sales, etc., as far as possible, to avoid greater losses.
(6) for different users, according to their different funds and credit conditions to determine the amount of different accounts receivable and payment cycle, in this round of economic crisis may collapse bankrupt enterprise accounts receivable, to send someone to collect, And take proper means to restore the loss, to avoid risks. We put these measures into the post, the implementation of the head, so that the implementation of the mandate, the responsibility to implement, to ensure that effective.
(7) to seize the time to carry out technical training, improve the quality of staff.
(8) for the previous Castings production revealed in the product quality issues for research, reduce the product scrap rate.
Compared with the developed countries, China's Castings industry, although the output for six consecutive years ranked the world, but in general, China's Castings industry Castings technology lag, low production efficiency, product quality part of the times, low added value. The same time as
The developed countries generally advanced Castings technology, product quality, high production efficiency, environmental pollution is small, the raw and auxiliary materials have been formed series, attention to the use of information technology to enhance the level of Castings design, the general application of software for filling solidification process simulation and technology Optimized design. As the price of materials in recent years soared, so that China's export Castings in the material cost advantage disappeared. In terms of product quality and grade, we are far behind the developed countries. China's exports in recent years, although the growth of Castingss, but exports accounted for only 97% of China's total output, accounting for the world's Castings market circulation of less than 8%, the overall slow growth. For a long time, the export of Castingss to the middle and low products, all kinds of pipe fittings, radiators, kitchen utensils and baths accounted for 36%. The main problems caused by this situation, the low level of technology, poor Castings quality. Serious environmental pollution, poor operating environment. Talent shortage.