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The Structure Design Of The Customized Casting Should Be Convenient For Manufacturing Model, Core Box And Modeling

Nov 11, 2017

【Summary】The shape of the customized casting should be simple, and convenient to start the mold. The casting mould joint should be flat surface as much as possible and the number is also the smallest. The internal cavity of the customized casting should be designed to be cast without or less use of the core. When using the core, we should be convenient to support, fixed and exhaust out of sand. Adequate process holes should be provided when necessary.

The internal and external sides of the casting and the reinforcing ribs should be provided with a certain structural slope directly in the drawing direction. The convex plate of the casting and the casting body should not have great difference, it is best to take the same height. The several convex plates which are close to each other on the same side are best be to linked to be the convex plate of the whole.

To reduce the tendency of casting defects, the wall thickness of customized castings should be uniform, so as to prevent shrinkage cavity or hot crack. In order to ensure the progressive solidification, attention should be paid to make it possible to change the wall thickness in one direction. When it is necessary to ensure the simultaneous solidification, it should have the equal thickness on cross section as much as possible.

The connection between the walls of the customized casting should be carefully guarded against sharp angle and metal concentration. Attention should be paid to the gradual transition between thick wall and thin wall, so as to prevent the sudden change, and avoid the concentration of thermal center and stress, which will form hot crack or shrinkage porosity.

The local heavy section of the customized casting should be hollow or cast hole structure as far as possible, and the strengthening ribs should be used to strengthen properly. The cast holes on the plane wall of the customized casting can be reinforced directly by the convex edges, so that the wall thickness can be reduced. The custom casting structure should be as cool as possible to allow it to shrink without hindrance.