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Valve Accessories Precautions

Dec 29, 2017

Speaking of pump valve parts on hand wheel troubleshooting, the first point, that is, hand wheel reaction insensitive, when it was found that there is a serious pulse loss phenomenon, that is, because the plug is connected to the place of the plug Needle is not in place.


In addition, the pump valve fittings hand wheel shaft appeared jitter phenomenon. This is actually because the hand wheel box among the circuit board problems, this time should be timely replacement of damaged components; when its hand wheel sometimes easy to use and sometimes not easy to use, there is no law on this point In terms of speaking, that is, because the hand wheel or hand wheel extension cord resistance is relatively large.


Then, on the air filter among the valve parts, we actually have to pay attention to it. In the pneumatic technology, the air filter, the pressure reducing valve and the oil mist eliminator will be called the pneumatic three pieces. In order to get a variety of functions, this time will be the three kinds of gas treatment components will be assembled directly in accordance with the order, this time, that is, will be called the pneumatic triple. For gas purification filter, decompression and provide lubrication.


The application of the air filter in the valve parts of the pump, which is an indispensable air source device in the pneumatic system, is installed in the vicinity of the gas-consuming equipment and is the final guarantee for the compressed air quality. In terms of its design and installation Speaking, in addition to guarantee the quality of the three pieces of their own, that is, to pay attention to consider the space-saving, easy to install in the operation.


Finally, on the pump valve parts described above on hand wheel troubleshooting and air filter knowledge, a clear understanding of hand wheel failure causes and related solutions, which is able to keep us better use of this equipment, At the same time, it is to ensure its efficiency in the application of time.http://www.dmgcastings.com/