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What Are The Characteristics Of Precision Casting?

Aug 09, 2017

What are the characteristics of Precision Casting?
    With the continuous development of industrial production industry, Precision Casting has also been more and more users of concern, Precision Casting of the basic working principle is sealed in the container into the dry compressed air, so that the role of aluminum in the gas pressure along the The riser rises smoothly through the casting gate and enters the casting cavity. The gas pressure on the aluminum level is maintained until the casting is completely solidified, then the pressure on the liquid level is removed and the remaining aluminum liquid is returned to the crucible and solidified Of the aluminum liquid in the mold to form the required Precision Casting parts. Today Xiaobian to share for you is the use of Precision Casting what?
   1, Precision Casting process high yield, Precision Casting of the casting system is relatively simple, and can reduce or save the riser.
   2, Precision Casting of aluminum liquid is under the action of pressure coagulation, flow of students increased, is conducive to obtain a clear outline of the casting.
   3, Precision Casting equipment than the die-casting machine is relatively simple, less investment, easy to achieve mechanization, automation.
   4, Precision Casting parts under pressure in the solidification, filling more fully, so casting compact, high mechanical properties.
   5, Precision Casting filling smooth, filling speed can be Precision Casting structure, casting materials and other factors to control, to avoid the aluminum flow on the cavity and core scouring and rolling.
Precision Casting process to pay attention to the six issues
    Affected by the national policy, and now a lot of precision foundry industrial structure are in the energy-saving environmental protection on the change, then the Precision Casting of energy-saving production have what precautions, the following summary of a total of six points:
    1, the use of optimized design and optimization process to improve the Precision Casting process of the production rate. In the premise of ensuring the quality of Precision Casting, change the pouring system, the use of heating insulation riser can usually increase the export rate, if the export rate from 60% to 70%, can reduce the energy consumption of 14.3%.
    2, the use of high degree of compactness of the molding machine and modern core technology, as far as possible to reduce the quality of casting, reducing processing margin. Practice has proved that high-pressure modeling and casting quality can be compared to hand-shaped, ordinary machine shape to reduce the 3% -5%, processing margin can be maintained at 2-3mm. Reducing the weight not only makes the Precision Casting workshop energy saving, but also reduces the energy consumption of subsequent processing.
    3, the use of energy-saving process, a reasonable organization of production. Such as: the use of self-hardening resin sand or surface dry alternative clay sand drying, saving drying mold energy consumption; strict ingredients to determine the appropriate components of Precision Castings, to take an effective breeding program, in the cast to eliminate castings Of the white or hard to cancel the graphitization of the annealing process; to promote cast cast ductile iron, the required elongation at break below 12% should be obtained under the as-cast; as far as possible the use of wave harmonic harmonic aging process, remove the stress reduction Thermal aging process.
    4, saving materials, efforts to reuse. Because the production of any material needs energy.
    5, Precision Casting enterprises large-scale production, that is, each casting unit production in more than 5000t. Because the enterprise production is large, the working hours of the furnace is long, the furnace itself is heated to the energy consumption per ton of Precision Castings can be greatly reduced.
    6, improve the management level, reduce the rejection rate. For example, an annual output of 5,000t precision foundry, the rejection rate of 1% per drop is equivalent to the production of 50t Precision Castings, calculated by 400kgee per ton of energy, a year can save 20t standard coal, that is, per ton of Precision Castings reduced 4kgee energy consumption.