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Wax workshop

The factory has both manual wax injector and auto wax injector.Based on the two types of injection, we can ensure the quality of wax mould. And at the same time,the speed of wax mould manufacturing can be greatly improved.

Coating workshop

Professional workers, suitable conditions can make the coating perfect.

Melting workshop

In order to ensure the material, we will do spectral analysis before casting.We have four intermediate frequency electric furnaces, which can melt 350kg,750kg,1000kg liquid steel.

Machining workshop

The factory has different basic lathes, planing machine,milling machine, sawing machine etc. In addition , we have added several sets of numerical control lathes, and other advanced manufacturing equipment. Most of parts we have machined by ourselves, thus greatly improving the quality and efficiency.

Mould workshop

Recently we have redesigned our mould workshop, so that the space can be used more wisely. Our factory has plenty of moulds in stock.It can save customer’s cost and effectively reduce the delivery time if we already have had the moulds.


We strictly control the production process with the quality system of IOS9001, and all the spare parts are with the 5S system management, most efficient,safe and clean.